Mills Tandy
THE FILE 20,000 high resolution digital images. 15,000 35mm originals that can be scanned to high resolution digital. Computerized library.
OVERVIEW Fine art quality images of the natural world. Strong design, high resolution, full saturation, natural environments. Full scientific identification. Extensive coverage of the southwestern USA, Central America and Africa. Lesser coverage of USA, Mexico, Europe, south Asia and the western Pacific Ocean.
NATURAL HISTORY Ecosystems: Coasts, coral reefs, deserts, forests, cloud forests, grasslands, montane, rainforests, savannas, wetlands. Plants: Communities, ferns, flowering plants, conifers. Invertebrates: Marine, terrestrial, sponges, coelenterates, echinoderms, insects. Vertebrates: Fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds. Geology: Caves, landforms, volcanoes.
GENERAL STOCK Child behavior, landscaping with native plants, ecotourism, wilderness recreation. Cultural anthropology: Architecture, arts, environmental impact, lifeways, politics, recreation, religion.
SPECIALTIES Amphibians. Behavior, ecology, morphology of animals and plants. Caves. Costa Rica. Cloud Forests. Ecosystem restoration. Huachuca Mountains. Marine. Nigerian cultures. Pacific NW, SW U.S. Sonoran Desert. Prairies. Tropical forests.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Africa: Cameroon, Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania. Costa Rica. U.S.: Arizona (southern), Midwest, Southwest, Texas, West. Other: Bhutan, Europe, Honduras, India, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Pacific islands.
RECENT COVERAGE Costa Rican cloud forests, neotropical orchids, Copán, Huachuca Mountains, lower Rio Grande Valley, Michigan and South Dakota tallgrass prairies, Rocky Mountains in fall (Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming), Sonoran Desert.
PHOTOGRAPHIC PLANS Continuing documentation and research on tropical cloud forests of Costa Rica
CREDITS Magazines: BBC Wildlife, Bonner Zoologische Beitrage, Gardener, Grasduinen, Monitore Zoologico Italiano, National Geographic, Natural History, PBS TV schedules, Ranger Rick, Reader's Digest, Time, World & I. Books: Britannica, Dorling Kindersley, McGraw-Hill, Merrill, National Wildlife Federation, Orion, Reader's Digest, Rio Nuevo Press, St Remy Press, Smithmark, Time-Life. CD-ROMs: ABC, Media Factor, Microsoft. Agent: Oxford Scientific Films Ltd. (UK). Member: ASPP, Friends of Photography.
RELATED CREDENTIALS/SKILLS B.A., M.A., Ph.D., environmental and systematic zoology/botany. Studied with Ansel Adams, John-Paul Caponigro, Marie Cosindas, Chris Rainier, Alan Ross, John Sexton, Jerry Uelsmann, Al Weber. Field research in Africa, Costa Rica, U.S. Bilingual-English/Spanish.
COMMENTS Strong design style. High-resolution images with full saturation. Natural environments. Complete captioning (including scientific identifications). Many images can be purchased and downloaded directly from my website: Assignments negotiated. FedEx service. Operating from Costa Rica.
NONEDITORIAL SERVICES Permanent collections including the California Academy of Sciences. Collector's prints available from Photoshelter website.
Mills Tandy
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