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October 2 2017

Graeme Teague Photography


SOOKE POTHOLES - extraordinary geological rock formations along the Sooke River - great fun too! Vancouver Island.
HAIDA GWAII - formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands - remote wild rugged - experience 'the edge of the world'. Amazing light, amazing place, serious coverage, all aspects.
VANCOUVER ISLAND - Extensive long-term coverage of this dazzling part of the world, both topside and underwater. All subjects, including towns and cities, people, festivals and celebrations, historic, First Peoples, Salish Nation, gardens, wildlife, forests, islands, business, industry, maritime everything, aviation, tourism, parks, weather, adventure and fun. Resident with special access and connections.

September 9 2017

William H. Mullins

Cuba 2017

Coverage of Cienfuegos, Trinidad, and Havana Cuba, with emphasis on people, cityscapes, and old American cars.